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Writing Admissions Essays; How to do it right.

By Daniel Z. Kane

Although completion of a challenging curriculum, high school grade point average, and ACT or SAT scores are most important to admissions committees, the quality of a student's essay may carry fairly substantial weight in determing whether he/she is offered or denied admission. And, as a general rule, the more selective the college, the more important the essay.

In fact, some colleges use essays merely to ensure that applicants can write acceptably. The Harvard's, Yale's, and Princeton's of the world may view essays with far more discerning eyes.

Except in highly unusual circumstances, an essay will not compensate for failure to complete a rigorous college prep program or for grades significantly below the majority of applicants. And, in most instances, statements which offer excuses for below potential academic performance will not be well received. Neither will statements promising that you will earn a 4.0 grade point average, someday become an outstanding alumnus, or lead the football to four record breaking seasons. Save your excuses and grandiose self-assessment for someone who cares, or at least someone who hasn't heard it all before.

Think of the essays as a great opportunity...a great opportunity not to be wasted. Make the most of it by:

1. Spend as much time, thought, and energy as it takes to ensure that your essays reflect your best work. Have them reviewed by at least two people who write well, and by your counselor.

2. Offering honest insight about yourself. Do not be afraid to be self-effacing...admissions committees often find it very refreshing.

3. Presenting your accomplishments without conceit.

4. Avoiding self-serving cliches about patriotism, family, God, or service to humanity.

It is not necessary to go for the home run. Just remember the tips listed above and a few of the basics; write clearly and thoughtfully, be honest, demonstrate insight, and know your audience.

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Beware of Scholarship Scams

By Daniel Z. Kane

It happens every year. High school seniors and their parents are defrauded by scholarship scammers; people who promise to help them land scholarships and financial aid they wouldn't otherwise receive.

Estimates vary, but it seems likely that these crooks...and that is an appropriate word...collect in excess of $100 million annually from unsuspecting families.

They do it by playing on the fears of families who are scared by the cost of college and have not been well educated on all the legitimate help available to them.

It all starts with a letter from a company with a name that makes it sound like a benign organization whose mission is to assist students and their families.

The letter doesn't look like typical junk mail. The logo often looks like that of an Ivy League college, and the letterhead and paper are generally on fairly high quality paper. Like the con men behind them, the promotional materials look credible.

In nearly all the letters they send, the con men begin by reinforcing families' fears about their ability to meet college costs.

Once they have stated the problem...paying for college...they assure you they can provide the solution. They may offer to "teach you the secrets of financial aid", "locate millions of dollars in unused scholarships", or otherwise help you take advantage of their special expertise.

The letters are not always the same, but one element is. They invite you to come to a hotel function room or other reasonably large venue to learn more about financial aid and scholarships, at no cost. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? If you think so, think again.

The gathering, whatever it is called, is a well rehearsed sales pitch. The need money, we can help you get it. And, nowhere do you get the one piece of information you need most...everything of value these people can offer you is available elsewhere, for free.

The group pitch is followed by individual meetings during which families are pressured to immediately pay for the services offered. Many yield to the pressure, writing checks in excess of $1,000 for a worthless set of services.

Don't be the victim of financial aid con men (and women). There are lots of good websites offering free scholarship searches and financial aid advice. And, high school counselors and college financial aid counselors will gladly give you advice and answer your questions. There is no need to turn elsewhere.

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How to Beat the Competition

By Stephen Martile

Ignore your competition. Yup, you heard me right.

You see there is this idea out there that you have to compete to get ahead; that competing will move you ahead in life, and that's just not the truth.

You see, when you're competing, you're coming from your ego-mind or fear based mind.

You see, the whole idea that there is "not enough" is rooted in fear. This is the scarcity mindset or what my friend Julia calls the "scare-city" mindset.

And that my friend is just not the truth.

The truth is that there is more than enough for everyone.

Are you saying there isn't competition?

Well yes, there is competition, but not the way you think. The only competition you'll ever encounter, is your ego-based mind.

You see, I've had this insight around the whole idea of competition. Just think of the way you bake a pie. Everyone who has ever baked one, bakes it a different way.

Some of you may think you're pie isn't good enough, that it has too many apples, or that it isn't sweet enough. Some of you may think you're pie is too small.

And I'm going to tell you that it doesn't matter how you bake your pie. There will always be someone who will like your pie.

Do you know why?

Well it's quite simple. There will alway be someone who likes your pie because of the way you make it.

It's your special creation.

Want a richer life? Don't compete, create.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

College Scholarships: What Makes a Good Candidate

By Mary Poodel

It is no secret that attending college can be expensive. Whether you have been saving up money to pay for your college tuition, or you have little money to put towards your education, it can be hard figuring out how you are going to pay your tuition bill each semester.

Many students use student loans to pay for their college tuition. The unfortunate thing about student loans is that you will have to pay that money back after graduating. One great way to pay for college is to use college scholarships.

The good thing about college scholarships is that, unlike student loans, you won't have to pay them back after graduation. Another good thing about scholarships is there are many available to apply for-which increases your chances of being awarded one or more.

In order to apply for a college scholarship, you will likely have to fill out an application and you may even have to go through an interviewing process.

One way to increase your chances of being chosen as the recipient of a college scholarship is to thoroughly read the application before completing and submitting it. Most scholarships have stipulations on who can apply, so be sure that you meet all of the qualifications before taking the time to complete the application. Also, be sure that you fully answer each question in the application before submitting it.

If you are involved in any extracurricular activities, be sure to list them on your application. Scholarship reviewers like to see what accomplishments and awards you have received, so list all that you can think of on the application.

It is best not to use the same responses on all of your scholarship applications. The scholarship reviewers will be able to tell if you have submitted a generic application letter and will be less likely to award you the scholarship.

Take some time to think about what sets you apart from the other applicants and highlight this in your application letter. Think about what makes you unique and how you can showcase this. The application reviewers will be reviewing many applications and will be looking for a unique candidate that stands out from the others.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Singapore grants medical scholarships to Vietnam

BNP Paribas bank, in conjunction with the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) launched a programme on January 15 to present scholarships in postgraduate medical training to developing countries in south-east Asia, including Vietnam.
The bank will donate more than two billion VND to provide three-year postgraduate training courses for two Vietnamese surgeons and one scientist who choose to specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
Two scholarship winners have so far been selected, who are Vo Hoi Trung Truc from Cho Ray hospital and Do Tuong Huan from Ho Chi Minh City cancer hospital.
The programme aims to promote the sharing of knowledge and technological skills in oncology between the NCCS and hospitals in regional countries in order to improve the quality of treatment that is given to cancer sufferers.

Online Education; Your Ticket to a Better Life

By Larry Libassi

Many traditional college administrators are concerned that the difficult economic times in which we find ourselves will result in shrinking enrollments.

Administrators and instructors at career schools, trade schools, and technical schools are worried too.

Conversely, online colleges and universities are seeing large enrollment growth, with no end in sight. Here are some of the reasons.

1. Online education eliminates the need for relocation. Students can live where they are and earn an online degree from a college or university hundreds of miles away.

2. Students can move anywhere they wish, whenever they wish, without delaying the time it will take to complete an online degree. All that's required is internet service and a computer.

3. students enrolled in campus-based programs are required to attend classes at specified times, times which may not always be convenient for busy adults. Students taking online courses can complete their assignments whenever it is convenient for them.

4. Students can begin an online degree whenever they choose. Almost all online universities will let students start taking classes immediately.

5. Commuting takes time. And, most students enrolled in on-campus degree programs incur significant transportation and parking costs. Not so for online learners.

All of us should continue our education. Higher education, in particular, can help us achieve personal growth, improve our career mobility, and increase our earnings. And now, online education gives all of us the chance to enjoy those benefits.

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Int'l private college to provide scholarship to Myanmar students

YANGON, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- The TMC Educational Group, a Singapore-recognized international private college, will provide scholarship to Myanmar students to encourage them to pursue further study, according to the Asia Pacific Consultancy Ltd based in Yangon Sunday.
The scholarship test for English and Critical and Analytical Thinking will be carried out on Feb. 14 by the TMC, the sources said, adding that scholarship winners will be awarded 5,000 Singapore dollars each to attend the subject wise course of 2009 April intake covering journalism, mass communications, public relations, accounting and finance, international business management and marketing, logistics management., e-business and e-commerce, construction management and property, and hospitality and tourism as well as GCE "O" level.
Meanwhile, Singapore's two top universities -- the National Universities of Singapore (NUS) and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) organized an educational field trip for Myanmar students, who passed the matriculation examination and GCE O-level, to study the education status of Singapore in December 2008-January 2009 to help raise their education level.
The educational field trip, introduced for the first time for Myanmar students by the two world's top universities, designated a quota of 10 students each from some 20 countries for the attendance.
Besides, in July last year, a Singapore education fair, sponsored by the education agency of RV Center, was held in Myanmar's two major cities of Yangon and Mandalay.
Moreover, the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) of Singapore planned to open a branch institution in Myanmar, aiming to nurture more Myanmar experts in the future, according to an earlier report.
The move of the ITE, which stands an institution also recognized by the Singapore Education Ministry as well as the international, is being assisted by the Myanmar domestic education company.
Myanmar students, who win ITE diploma certificates, are set to join the Singapore Polytechnic School and the National University of Singapore for further pursuit of bachelor degrees with technical subject.

Int'l private college to provide scholarship to Myanmar students

YANGON, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- The TMC Educational Group, a Singapore-recognized international private college, will provide scholarship to Myanmar students to encourage them to pursue further study, according to the Asia Pacific Consultancy Ltd based in Yangon Sunday.
The scholarship test for English and Critical and Analytical Thinking will be carried out on Feb. 14 by the TMC, the sources said, adding that scholarship winners will be awarded 5,000 Singapore dollars each to attend the subject wise course of 2009 April intake covering journalism, mass communications, public relations, accounting and finance, international business management and marketing, logistics management., e-business and e-commerce, construction management and property, and hospitality and tourism as well as GCE "O" level.
Meanwhile, Singapore's two top universities -- the National Universities of Singapore (NUS) and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) organized an educational field trip for Myanmar students, who passed the matriculation examination and GCE O-level, to study the education status of Singapore in December 2008-January 2009 to help raise their education level.
The educational field trip, introduced for the first time for Myanmar students by the two world's top universities, designated a quota of 10 students each from some 20 countries for the attendance.
Besides, in July last year, a Singapore education fair, sponsored by the education agency of RV Center, was held in Myanmar's two major cities of Yangon and Mandalay.
Moreover, the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) of Singapore planned to open a branch institution in Myanmar, aiming to nurture more Myanmar experts in the future, according to an earlier report.
The move of the ITE, which stands an institution also recognized by the Singapore Education Ministry as well as the international, is being assisted by the Myanmar domestic education company.
Myanmar students, who win ITE diploma certificates, are set to join the Singapore Polytechnic School and the National University of Singapore for further pursuit of bachelor degrees with technical subject.

Int'l private college to provide scholarship to Myanmar students

YANGON, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- The TMC Educational Group, a Singapore-recognized international private college, will provide scholarship to Myanmar students to encourage them to pursue further study, according to the Asia Pacific Consultancy Ltd based in Yangon Sunday.
The scholarship test for English and Critical and Analytical Thinking will be carried out on Feb. 14 by the TMC, the sources said, adding that scholarship winners will be awarded 5,000 Singapore dollars each to attend the subject wise course of 2009 April intake covering journalism, mass communications, public relations, accounting and finance, international business management and marketing, logistics management., e-business and e-commerce, construction management and property, and hospitality and tourism as well as GCE "O" level.
Meanwhile, Singapore's two top universities -- the National Universities of Singapore (NUS) and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) organized an educational field trip for Myanmar students, who passed the matriculation examination and GCE O-level, to study the education status of Singapore in December 2008-January 2009 to help raise their education level.
The educational field trip, introduced for the first time for Myanmar students by the two world's top universities, designated a quota of 10 students each from some 20 countries for the attendance.
Besides, in July last year, a Singapore education fair, sponsored by the education agency of RV Center, was held in Myanmar's two major cities of Yangon and Mandalay.
Moreover, the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) of Singapore planned to open a branch institution in Myanmar, aiming to nurture more Myanmar experts in the future, according to an earlier report.
The move of the ITE, which stands an institution also recognized by the Singapore Education Ministry as well as the international, is being assisted by the Myanmar domestic education company.
Myanmar students, who win ITE diploma certificates, are set to join the Singapore Polytechnic School and the National University of Singapore for further pursuit of bachelor degrees with technical subject.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Human Skeleton For Beginners - What You Should Know

By Powell Smith

The case is most of us are not curiosity seekers when it gets to the human body, especially the skeletal system. Maybe the total wisdom of what the average person knows about this system, can only be published in a short phrase. Let me shift to another topic for a while. Curiosity.. We are nosey beings by nature, and prosper on reading interesting things. It doesnt matter on what matter for the most part,if there is something related to us, be it directly or indirectly, then we want to hear it. provided it is elementary and can be well made known.

Let's get back to the skeletal system. This is definitely exclusively about us, in fact it is us. . Its not up to someone else totake care of what belongs to us. The human body is not so intricate as what it seems. That statement only makes true for those that are not doing an in-depth study of the body. In those examples, yes it is complicated ,but not beyond interpreting. Its just a issue of how much knowledge is necessary for the aim we need it for. So in the event of the person that desires to go into the medical profession, he requires a lot more knowledge than the standard person who just want to take care of what he owns. Namely our body.

So not only are we going to speak about some amusing facts about your bones,we are going to study some matters that are important to our average living. Do you know that you have been losing things from your skeletal system through the days?

You have 350 bones when you just get into this planet. Now if you could glance inside yourself you would reckon around 206 or so. Thats 90 less then what you started with. You know darn well you havent had any operation that removed 90 of your bones, and you also know that you were born absolutely healthy. This truly is a secret, and now youre fascinated. Well in reality it really isnt all that much of a mystery. Many of our bones just combine together throughout our lifetime. Part of the cause this happens is so those bones combining together, can do the functions we need as adults, which we didnt require as babies.

Here is another point that may be of interest. Most of us reach our peak bone density or strength around the age of 20. So the proverb that its all down hill after 40 is misleading. Now dont let this thought demoralise you, and lead you to think that now that youre past 20 that you are past the peak of you life. It merely implies that you require to ensure you are taking care of your body. particularly your skeletal system right from that age on. Not holding back till you achieve 40 before you start considering about whats effective for your bones.

There is 1 more interesting thing. There are so many to pick out from its hard to decide which to share with you. How about those starvation diets that many of us have suffer at some point in our life. We see whatever hurt they could cause is temporary right? Not so. you are damaging your bones because they are not being nourished properly. Who knows what lasting outcomes this could have.

So a little bit of primary knowledge about the body can imply a lot of good wellness through the years. You have to admit that some of the facts we covered here were quite interesting and did raise your oddity.

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Learning Spanish Lessons Made Easy

By Freddy Poveda

If you are planning to take Spanish lessons sometime soon, then it's probably not a bad idea to learn Spanish online. The internet has progressed considerably in past decade or so. Taking up Spanish lessons had never been easier. Learning Spanish online is fast catching up with many eager learners across the internet. What's more, you will get step by step guidance by the online tutor and will get individual attention. You also get the choice of selecting your own timings and schedules.

These days, Spanish lessons are provided by a number of online educational institutes. Thus, the choices of learning Spanish online are plenty. If you are an aspirant to learn Spanish online, talk to few tutors and find out what special features they have to offer for you. Ensure that they provide you with flexible timings and give individual attention. A good institute will track your progress regularly and will keep updating you on your Spanish lessons. Always try to make the most out of these features as they can make your Spanish lessons all the more effective.

Learning Spanish online is fun and easy. Most of the programs available on the internet guarantee you that you will get the command over the language in a short span of time. However, the progress you would make in learning Spanish online largely depends upon your dedication and interest levels. These programs teach you Spanish lessons in a systematic way. The beginning chapters would generally be dedicated to the basics of the language. As you gain experience, you would be dealing with slightly advanced chapters. Spanish online tutorials can also be easily downloaded in different forms.

The interactive courses in the Spanish lessons will first focus on sentence structures and then the vocabulary. You generally learn Spanish words in contexts along with other words and thus construct a phrase or a sentence. Learning Spanish online will not only assure you in understanding different words but also teaches you how to speak and communicate in this beautiful language. You can do this and lot more right from the comforts of your home. You can decide on the day and timings and get started with a program.

Now, isn't that a wonderful thing to happen to you? Also, learning Spanish online will not cost you a penny. Once you are through with all the procedures, you are ready to converse in Spanish not just in Spain but in Latin American countries and other places as well. Hence, learning Spanish at the earliest would be of great use to you and more so if you a globe trekker. The key to your overall success in learning Spanish is practice. The more you do it, better you get. There is no shortcut in mastering any language. You just need to work on them as much as possible.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to Find Others Who Homeschool in My Area

By Isabel Allen

When first starting to think about homeschooling, you probably wonder if you will be the only one in your area. With the ever increasing number of homeschooling families, that is not likely. However, finding other homeschoolers may not always be easy. You will need to know where to look.

Local churches is one place you will likely find other homeschoolers. Although many homeschoolers are Christians, it certainly isn't a requirement to homeschool. You might consider attending a couple of services to see if there are homeschoolers at the local church if you don't currently attend services.

Besides churches, a homeschooling family can be found at the public library. Visiting the library during school hours will help in the search of homeschoolers. If you find children during that time, most likely they are homeschooled and a parent is sure to be nearby. The librarian would also be a good person to ask if she knows of any homeschoolers. Most likely she will since they are some of her best patrons.

If you take your kids to the park during school hours, you'll probably run into at least one homeschooling family there enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Or they might be picking up leaves for a nature book, or finding other items to use in a school project. In any case, local parks are a great place to find homeschoolers.

While shopping at the grocery store, you might find a homeschooling family. Many homeschoolers do not depend on books to teach. They rather use real life circumstances. It's likely to see homeschoolers doing comparison shopping for their math lesson at the meat freezer with their calculators.

Another place to find homeschoolers in your area is the Internet. Using one of the common search engines, try doing a search on "homeschool groups (your city)." Expand your search to include your county and then your state if that doesn't work. Surely you'll find someone close by, since there are homeschoolers in every state of the union. Don't give up on the outside chance that you don't find anyone locally. Through any number of Yahoo homeschooling groups, you can still find support online.

Don't be afraid to approach a family that you see out and about during school hours when searching for homeschooling families locally. Most homeschoolers are used to being asked why their children aren't in school. Asking questions is a great way to meet new acquaintances, and they probably won't be offended. You may find that there are more homeschoolers in your area than you first thought; so keep an eye out for them.

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Dealing with Homeschooling Nay-Sayers

By Isabel Allen

Everyone who decides to homeschool their children will run into at least one person, maybe more, that tell them they shouldn't homeschool. The decision to homeschool, isn't an easy one to make, and often isn't popular. However, the choice in how your child is educated is entirely up to you, so you need to decide ahead of time how you will deal with homeschooling nay-sayers.

Regardless if you have a Bachelor of Arts in Education or not, one of the quintessential arguments of a homeschooling nay-sayer is that you're not qualified to teach your own child. I say poppy-cock to this argument! You have already been teaching your child since birth, if you're a parent. Why wouldn't you or your spouse be qualified to teach your child how to read or do math, if you could teach them how to talk, walk, and use the restrooms themselves?

Nay-sayers will tell you that besides being "unqualified," teaching a child is too difficult. The thought of having to teach 18-20 fiva and six year olds several subjects in one day is what I find even more difficult. Teaching one child to read is not difficult; as teaching 18-20 children is. You can do it!

If you are wanted to homeschool, another argument you might hear by nay-sayers is that children need socialization. I'm not sure I want my children to learn all the things they learn at school and I am sure you feel the same way. Not all lessons are given by the teachers but rather are learned as the result of being with other children.

95% of homeschooled children are better socialized than the children in public schools. Homeschooled children can carry on intelligent conversations with people of all ages besides being able to deal with their peers. Public schools are not true to life and create artificial societies. There isn't any time at any point in your life that you're going to deal with people all your age. It won't happen, and it just doesn't happen, either.

During the research process of homeschooling your child, there are a few comments that you will be likely to hear. It is okay if you do not know everything you're told you need to know. As you are along side your child, that that as an opportunity to learn. You want the best for your child, and you will be giving them the opportunity to concentrate on the things they are interested in learning and learn at their own pace.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Increase Your Self Esteem In 5 Steps And Stop Hating Your Body

By Michelle Tee

If you have low self-esteem because you hate your body, you are certainly not alone. Many people do not like their body and believe that they are ugly, overweight, or simply do not measure up.

The media does not help in your quest for bodily perfection, as you and I are bombarded with images of beautiful, perfect and air-brushed people on a daily basis.

As you know, these are models and images, and this does not depict the true reality of real everday people like you and I. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell the difference between reality and fantasy, and fantasy can win out much of the time.

In your quest for a better body image, you may starve yourself, spend thousands on your makeup, clothing, and hair. You may believe that if you do this, you will look better, and therefore feel better. Unfortunately, these quick fixes do not work.

It is important to realize that if you are constantly comparing yourself to others, that you will never measure up. You will never be perfect and if you are perfect, time will not allow you to stay perfect for long! ALthough feeling good about how we look is important, it should not be the sole aspect that we base our self-esteem on.

These are five tips that will help you feel better about your body image, and help to increase your self-esteem:

Accept the fact that you do not look like a model with a tiny waste and long brown hair. Accept this as being okay, and realize that you can have happy, wonderful, life without looking like this. You do not have to look like a supermodel to be happy

Try to concentrate on those beautiful and positive traits that you were naturally born with with. Please do not say that you do not have any positive traits. Even if you like your long pretty legs , keep this in mind as something that you truly love about your body.

Remember, self-esteem cannot be based on how you look. It has to be based on how you value yourself as a person for who you are inside. Looks will fade, however, you will keep becoming the best person you can be over time. Just like a fine wine!

Develop your skills and talents to the best of your ability. If you are a good writer, engage in writing on a daily basis. If you love dancing, make sure that you dance regularly and build these skills. Developing your special talents will enhance your self-esteem exponentially.

In conclusion, it is hoped that you have found these tips useful in building an awareness of self-esteem as it relates to body image. You can boost your low self-esteem with a change in the way you view yourself and your body. Good luck in your journey!

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New polytechnics courses

By Amelia Tan
AS THE popularity of traditional engineering courses wanes, Singapore polytechnics are rolling out programmes this year in newly popular fields such as clean energy and aeronautical engineering.
Polytechnic lecturers said interest in these disciplines is booming, in part because of the glamour of the jobs but largely because the clean energy and aerospace industries are flowering amid a bonanza of investment.
About 10,000 jobs will be created when the $60 million Seletar Aerospace Park is completed in 2018.
With heavy government investments, the clean energy industry is expected to bring Singapore $1.7 billion a year in gross domestic product and create 7,000 jobs by 2015.
The courses are drawing some of the top engineering students at the expense of programmes like electrical and mechanical engineering.

Finish College Fast Following A Few Simple Steps

By Jenny Willow

Going to college and enjoying the full experience of college is a great thing for young adults. However that takes a lot of money and time that not everyone has. Some people need to finish college fast and start making some decent money as quick as possible.

Someone in the military for example who does not have the luxury to be on a campus due to the fact that they are out at sea or overseas for an extended period of time. Another example would be someone who works fulltime and is not able to stop working in order to finish a degree program.

There are other options to consider, so do not worry if one of the above scenarios or something similar is stopping you. You can still earn a degree.

Attending an online college that lets you complete your degree from a distance and on your own schedule is one of the options to think about. An online degree may let you finish your program and start working sooner then going to a traditional campus program.

However if your real goal is to finish as quick as possible and save money there are other options to consider as well. You may or may not be aware that tests exist that you can complete which may eliminate the need to complete certain college classes.

The College Level Examination Program (a.k.a. CLEP) is accepted by some colleges allowing you to earn up to 12 credit hours for every exam passed. Check with the college you are looking into as not all colleges accept CLEP exams for credits. Some colleges also use the CLEP for admissions purposes.

Some examples of the CLEP exams you can take include Accounting, American Government, American Literature, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, and more.

Now you should be able to see that you may be able to earn a degree faster by using the CLEP exams to reduce the number of college courses you will need to take. You may also save time by using either an online college or distance learning program (assuming they accept CLEP). Do not rule out campus based programs also as many know offer a lot of flexibility as well.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Human Digestive System And The Human Anatomy

By Ulrich Lee

We all acknowledge that the digestive system is simply the procedure that our body uses to harvest the benefits of the foods we eat. Some of us have more knowledge about it than others, and that often comes from the type of training we are revealed to. For case. students that took biological science will perhaps know a lot more than an independent who studied a trade about mechanics. There are some matters about the digestive system that are just simply entertaining to experience. For instance

Did you know that; The disgestive juices will blend the nutrient and liquids we took in. These are all mixed together inside the stomach until they are tiny enough to be absorbed into our system. The entertaining part is that each day this all totals up to about 11.5 liters which flows through the digestive system. Out of that whole amount only approx. 100mls is of no value to us, and ends up being passed through the bowels as stools.

Do you know; The stomach has to break down the different types of solid food we take in. One of these being protein. To do the job the stomach secretes enzymes and hydrochloric acid. The stomach is so competent at its chore that between 2-6 hours later it is entirely evacuated of its contents and is prepared for the incoming batch. Now you know why youre hungry.

Do you know; You liver is a food inspector? One of the jobs of the liver is to check the nutrients that are traveling to go to our bloodstream. Its job is to provide detoxification by getting rid of the impurities. This serves the digestion process. Good reason to maintain your liver in top operating status.

Do you know; That by our not looking after our digestive system the right way we could be hurting our financial economic system?I meant indirectly Digestive problems cost Approx $50 billion every year in America, in both direct costs and people suffering from these problems who cannot study.

We may be competent to aid control indigestion by the way we cook?100 of enzymes of over several forms is needed to the right way disgest the food in our stomach. There are enzymes in our solid food, but we ruin these when we prepare our food. So because the body wants them it is forced to manufacture them. After a while our body may get tired of doing all this extra work, so it will go on strike and not acquire a efficient number. Then once that takes place, you better start heading for the antacids, because you are in for a bout of indigestion. With the germs and pesticides and some other things that foods are exposed to, regrettably we really dont have a alternative but to exhaustively make our foods.

and leaving the best for the last

Do you know; You could support on your head and the food would still get down to your stomach? Now we really urge that you dont do this. The reason it will get down there, is because the esophagus is about 25 cm., long, and our muscles will contract in waves to force the food down these 25 cm..

These facts that we have merely covered are very fascinating to most people. By listening to them or studying them, you have offered yourself with several fairly substantial wisdom about the digestive system. Reckon that, being able to acquire something about the human body without getting overwhelmed or weary. It would be engrossing!

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Studying and Living in Singapore

Singapore is a premier education hub which offers students an international perspective and diversity of options, in an environment that is inspiring and conducive to education.
Application and Admission into Singapore Universities/Institutes
Entry requirements vary depending upon the institution as well as courses applied to. For the local polytechnics and universities, applications are typically done directly online, during a specified period each year.
Students who have completed GCE 'O' Level or GCE 'A' Level qualifications are eligible to apply for polytechnic courses. Students who have completed GCE 'A' Level are eligible to apply for undergraduate programmes at the local universities. For post-graduate programmes, admission is as per the entry requirements for each programme.
The criteria for entry into Singapore's public institutes are generally quite high and competitive. Detailed admission requirements can be found online on the respective institutions' websites. Applications for the leading foreign universities are done directly with the respective university.
International students can also apply to private education organisations (PEOs), which offer courses from certificate to postgraduate levels. PEOs conduct their own admissions and applicants should check the application procedures with the PEO directly or seek advice from certified Singapore Education Specialist (SE Specialists).
Accommodation and Living Expenses Accommodation
There is a wide variety of accommodation in Singapore to suit different budgets and needs. Students should make prior arrangements for accommodation before arrival. Temporary accommodation can be arranged, giving them time to plan their living arrangements when they arrive. Students can seek the help of International Student Office available at most institutes.
Some of the accommodation options available include halls of residence, boarding schools, private hostels, homestays, public and private apartments / houses.The Student Accommodation Handbook can be found on the Singapore Education website.
Living Expenses
Singapore offers a high, yet affordable, quality of life. The cost of living in Singapore is significantly lower than that of many developed countries such as Australia, UK and USA. An international student in Singapore spends on average about SGD 750 to SGD 2,000 a month on living expenses, including accommodation, utilities, food, transport, clothing, telecommunications, books & stationery, medical and personal expenses. (These estimates serve as a reference only).
Finances Tuition Grants and Fees
The Ministry of Education (MOE) provides tuition grants to students who are enrolled at local universities and polytechnics. International students, who avail of the tuition grant, are required to work for three years upon graduation, either in Singapore or with a Singapore-registered company or institution overseas. The tuition grant is currently around SGD 22,400 for lab-based and SGD 19,000 for non lab-based undergraduate programmes for universities and SGD 13,300 for polytechnics. The cost of education differs as per the institute and course structure.
Financial Assistance
Numerous financial assistance schemes are available for international students. Tuition Fee Loan Scheme: The Tuition Fee Loan Scheme provides a loan of up to 90% of the subsidised tuition fees payable for university students and up to 75% of the subsidised tuition fees payable for polytechnic students.
Bursaries: Bursaries are awarded based on financial need and usually do not exceed SGD 1,500 per academic year.
Study Loans: They are usually payable upon graduation or completion of the programme, at favorable interest rates. Some institutions offer additional loans for miscellaneous expenses, such as computer loans.
Scholarships: A number of scholarships are open to international students. Selection is usually based on academic merit, leadership and co-curricular records. Visa and Work-Study Privileges
All international students must hold a valid student pass to study in Singapore. To obtain a student pass, students must first be offered a place in a full-time programme with an institution that is authorised to admit international students. Categories of approved institutions by the Ministry of Education:
a) Public institution b) Institute of higher learning (IHL) c) Foreign system school d) Privately-funded public school e) Private education organisation (PEO). As per current regulations, all PEOs are required to attain the CaseTrust for Education status before they can admit international students. Please refer to the ICA website at for further details on application procedures.
Work-Study Privileges
International students in Singapore's public universities and polytechnics, as well as foreign institutes of higher learning, are allowed to work part-time of up to 16 hours per week during school term. They need to obtain prior permission from the Student Liaison / Affairs Office of their respective institutions. They are allowed to work full-time during vacations.
Please visit the Singapore Education Website for more details.

How to Achieve Goals: Are You Spinning Your Wheels?

By April Ladrey

Do you ask yourself what your full potential is? Do you feel like you are falling short of where you should be and feel frustrated most of the time with where you are at in life? And the thing is, you know you are smart and you know you have and can develop your skills.

Don't be hard on yourself if this sounds a little like you. Many Americans, and people around the globe, are in the same boat, so it isn't just you. You just need to learn what the many successful, goal-oriented people are doing to achieve success.

You can change your life, and give it meaning and purpose, by learning how to achieve goals. Setting and reaching goals is a habit, and like all habits, they take time and conscious effort to develop into long-lasting ones.

It may sound simplistic to say that the reason you are having trouble right now is because you do not know how to achieve goals. Although not all problems stem from this inability, most problems can be solved with effective goal setting.

Take someone who's having trouble with their finances. They've been meaning to address it for some time, but they just never have gotten around to it. So months after they first notice the problem, they're still in the same boat, wondering why.

You must have a way to get where you are at now to where you want to be. Write down where you are at now, and then write down how you want your life to be once your goal has been achieved. Next, label every step you have to take to get to your goal. If one step seems to big, then keep breaking the step down into smaller steps.

A specific time frame is also important to achieve your goals. Goal-oriented people do not just set a time line for their ultimate goal, they also set a time frame for each individual step they have to take to reach their goal. For example, write down "July 30th, 2011" instead of "Summer 2011".

If you honestly apply just these two steps to an area of your life, you should see almost an immediate difference. Goal setting and achieving has to be a way of life, a habit, for it to be effective. And think about it, you deserve success!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

How a Talent Assessment Can Help Determine Future Leaders

By T.S. Field

Why use a talent assessment to find future leaders? An organization that promotes from within will have very little trouble recognizing potential leaders because a past job performance is usually a good measurement of leadership skills and abilities. But what if the company is seeking to hire recent college graduates who will be developed into future leaders over time? The human resource manager can use an asssessment to determine the best candidates for a leadership position.

An organization may want to also develop, revamp or upgrade a leadership training program that has become obsolete. As the leadership training committee maps out a plan to find likely candidates for training. They can also develop their ownassessment and interview process. A talent assessment for leadership abilities can be given as part of a psychometric assessment that includes aptitude and personality testing. There are twelve indicators of a good leader that can be determined thorugh a talent assessment.

1. Carefulness - a tendency to plan and think before speaking or acting.

2. Cooperation - the ability to be likeable and genial in interpersonal relationships.

3. Creativity - the ability and willingness to think "outside the box"

4. Discipline - a tendency towards being dependable, responsible, and able to follow through in order to complete tasks

5. Goodwill - able to be forgiving and to think of others as having good intentions

6. Influence - ability to impress others by speaking with authority

7. Optimism - tendency toward a positive attitude and having confidence in favorable outcomes

8. Order - naturally neat and has good organizational skills

9. Savvy - ability to read people to know their needs and intentions

10. Sociability - enjoys being with other people at work and at social gatherings

11. Stability - ability to remain calm and rational during stressful situations

12. Striving - abiity to keep pushing and working hard to obtain goals

There are hundreds of assessments to choose from if the organization wishes to use the talent portion of the overall assessment process. It is advised that the company compares several different assessments and their benefits before making a final choice. The talent assessment can help an organization save time and money by helping the company find leadership potential among job applicants. If a company's senior leaders are retiring within a few years, this assessment can be given every time there is a job opening in the company so that new potential leaders can be trained and transitioned smoothly into the vacated positions.

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Creative Learning Techniques Taught at Academic Summer Camp

By Lauren Tyson

Studying isn't about just cramming facts into memory banks. It can be difficult to absorb information and store it for future retrieval when memorizing a collection of dry facts that lack meaningful organization. Utilizing proper study techniques helps the brain process learned information by grouping it into formats that are usable, and more importantly, retrievable. This process can be enhanced by adding a fun and inventive twist to studying which will keep a student engaged.

Pairing intuitive learning techniques with a student's natural creativity is just one of the reasons why SuperCamp remains a leader in academic summer camps around the world. Students, ranging from grades 4 through 12, will leave camp armed with a repertoire of critical learning and life skills necessary for success in their academic career. Bridging the gap between course work and student will be remarkably easier when they are equipped with a wide range of study skills and advantageous techniques that cater specifically to their learning style.

A camp favorite at SuperCamp is Mind Mapping, a method developed by Tony Buzan in the 1960's that promotes active learning through colorful picture and word associations. The goal of Mind Mapping is to get creative! Personalizing the information in a way that employs both sides of the brain is the key to this learning technique. Anyone who needs to organize information easily for absorption can use this technique, whether in preparation for an exam, a book report, planning an event, or tackling a challenging problem.

How does Mind Mapping work? The first step is to turn the page horizontally. This gives you room to spread outwards. Since it is important to always be aware of the big picture, your first addition to the page should be the main idea of the subject at hand. As an example, consider the life cycle of a plant. You could choose to simply write this in the center of the page, but it would be more beneficial to the learning process if a picture is included that will signify the topic, like a quick sketch of a plant. From there, draw branches stemming from the main idea that represent important points: how a seed germinates, where a plant gets its nutrients, the process of photosynthesis, and the pollination of flowers. Each point can be paired with a picture and at least three different colors should be used throughout.

The use of color stimulates the imaginative portion of the brain - additionally, it captures and holds the Mind Mapper's attention. The pictures paired with words will help the brain form associations that can be easily recalled at a later date. The final product should resemble the many branches of a tree surrounding a central idea. The more unique your mind map is, the easier it will be to retain the information!

Students can build a better foundation for their academic careers if they develop engaging learning techniques at an early age. Regardless of the subject matter, a student who is able to manipulate content in a mentally stimulating way will adopt a positive stance on learning for years to come. For SuperCamp graduate James Ohnoki, Mind Mapping was the turning point for his academic career. The visual elements helped him connect facts to a bigger picture, while the drawing and coloring aspects gave him license to be as creative as he wanted.

Students like James Ohnoki will be astonished at how effective the learning techniques they develop at SuperCamp will transform their study habits and turn them into interactive learners. It will bridge the gap between their coursework and comprehension, and start them down the road toward academic success. With learning techniques like Mind Mapping at their disposal, students will find the way to success is remarkably less difficult to traverse.

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Learn Spanish Fast Online-Tips For Your Success

By Benito Morales

You will find you can learn Spanish fast online as long as you are self disciplined and you make sure you get the fundamental principles down before you go onto anything more advanced. You'll need to find a site youare comfortable with. You'll require one that's easy to navigate, one that has some kind of lesson structure, one that will allow for you to learn basic Spanish online before moving to more advanced lessons and you'll want one that allows you to physically hear how the words are spoken hence that you can learn the right way. Once you find a internet site you like, you will be able to learn Spanish fast online. How fast you learn, however, is completely up to you.

In order to learn Spanish fast online, you need to practice and you need to practice a great deal. You can not just learn a few vocabulary words one day and expect to be able to speak complex sentences and phrases the next. You need to learn the fundamental principles first. That means learning how to conjugate verbs, learning the vocabulary, learning how the words are spoken and how to listen to the language in order to have a conversation. When you've that down, then you can move onto more advanced lessons like phrases and conversational Spanish. But you cannot go too rapidly or else you will be bound to get frustrated and quit. You need to work each lesson until you have it down pat and you need to practice as much and for as long as you are able to. That is the best way you are going to be able to learn Spanish fast online and that is the only way you will ever become fluent in Spanish.

Find Spanish Speakers

To maximise the speed on which you become fluent, try to find some Spanish speakers that you will be able to practice with. You'll be able to still learn Spanish fast online, but when you talk with Spanish speakers, you are able to pick it up much quicker than you'd otherwise. Talking with Spanish speakers will make you less worried about speaking with anybody. Sometimes, when people are beginning to learn Spanish, they are afraid to speak because they are afraid that they will make mistakes. This won't be the case once you are altogether comfortable speaking with others who actually speak the language and you are doing it often.

If you implement all these tips, you can learn Spanish fast online and you will have a blast doing it. Then, you can visit any Spanish speaking country and you'll be able to hold your own in a conversation for sure.

Also! do not forget the net is a phenomenal resource to find any help to learn Spanish and numerous sites you visit will offer free courses, to aid start you on your way.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catskill, NY Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival 2008

By LJ James

Most of us know that when the first settlers came to America they where following a dream! What most do not know is that many of those dreams where inspired by paintings of the Catskill Mountains. At the beginning of this country's history artists where mesmerized by the beauty of these mountains and painted many pictures of them. These pictures where sent and sold all over the world and they had a large part in creating what later became know as the American dream.

Fast forward a couple Hundred years to September 10th through the 14th 2008 and now what draws hundreds of American Bikers every year to the Catskill Mountains is the Blackthorne Resort in East Durham and the Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Rally. This event which is a weekend get away for some and a week long party for others has just about everything a biker dreams of. Even though the Blackthorne Resorts grounds are large, they do fill up fast and Bikers reserve there Cabins, RV sites or Camp sites up to a year in advance just to make sure there is room for them on the grounds. (There are plenty of other resorts in the area who welcome the Biker overflow from the Blackthorne) Me and my Brother Mopar Tom arrived on Thursday Night and the first thing We did was to check out what seemed like a million vendors, Who where selling every thing from Motorcycle stickers to Custom Motorcycles.Then of course it was time to grab some drinks. First drink was at the Tikki Bar by the large in ground pool. The Second was at the Blackthorne's on premise full service bar. Not wanting to over do it on my first night there (I would save that for my second night) I called it an early night at around 2am and was off to get some sleep.

On Friday the fuse was lit and the weekend festivities got into full swing. I spent the day wandering around the Blackthorne checking ever thing out drinking and partying with Hundreds of new and old friends. As the sun went down and the Night began things just got better! I watched Bikers take their Motorcycles up in the air and do Ariel Burn outs as I listened to the Music of Molly Hatchet LIVE !

The Nights at Blackthorne Run late and the Mornings come early! Some Choose to start their days off riding around the incredible Catskill Mountains, either in a group on a guided tour or by themselves with no destination at all. The roads in the Catskills go on forever and even after many years of riding them each trip still offers something new ! My favorite spot to ride to has been for many years Nicks Waterfall House in Gilboa, In my opinion no ride threw the Catskills is Complete with out a big burger and a cold beer at Nicks!

Others who don't wake till the afternoon can spend their day's at the Blackthorne checking out the vendors buying new Biker gear, Watching Rhett Rotten and his amazing vintage Wall of Death Motorcycle stunt show, Looking at the art work of Ron Finch, Placing their votes for their favorites in the Bike show, participating in the Bike games or enjoying a list of many other wickedly fun Biker activities. Saturday Night again offered Bikers more then they could handle plus Hot Female Spaghetti Wrestling, Live Ultimate Fighting bouts, Lots more live music and plenty of late night partying. On Sunday some Bikers headed home while others hung around for another day of fun including a pig roast!

I have been a biker all my life and to this day the bond of Brotherhood that is shared by bikers still amazes me. I'm not sure if the fact that the Blackthorne is a family resort every other week of the year has anything to do with it, But I found the feeling of Brotherhood and Family to be very strong at this event. When I can hangout and party with Bikers I have just met and feel like I have known them for Twenty years, It strongly reinforces all the reasons I love being a Biker!

I have left out a lot of great things about the Blackthorne and its Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Rally, The reason for this is because if you missed this event you do not deserve to know all its secrets until you have attended it for yourself !!! Check out and reserve your spot for next years party today!

I'll see you there! Your Bro L.J. James Radio Show

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How Does The Endocrine System Really Work?

By Mike Woodman

I dont know of anybody, that has not met somebody that has been marked as paraniod. If things is going on with an person and we cant explain it, we just say, oh they are being moody. This does not just pop out from anywhere, it must come from somewhere. That somewhere could very well be the endocrine system. This system is answerable for a lot of what goes on in our bodies. Its health is critical, to our over all well being. If this system is not running the way it should ,then it does not matter how good the rest of the organs are performing.

The endocrine system looks like a scary subject. Most of us really do not really care toacquirea lot about it. But isnt it a little unfair to judge someone as being just plain moody, without taking the time to visualize just a little bit ,of what could be going on. Dont get me wrong, i did not mean that the endocrine system is the one that are causing everyone's awful moods, because the temper can be stimulated by other things too. What I am saying is, hearing more about our bodies won't make us lose anything right? I mean, lets acknowledge it, we have all been a little emotional from time to time. The problem is often we believe that this is a behavior that can be turned on and off, so we tend to snap back at a emotional individual.

The endocrine system is liable for discharging internal secretions. Its these internal secretions that move about our bodies doing all kinds of different tasks. The female internal secretions for illustration, can play a big role in the mood swings of a woman during, before, and after her menstrual cycles. So thats the explaination us ladies can use, so where does that leave the men? I mean they dont have the female internal secretions bubbling all over the place. what would their excuse be for being cranky? Just the same thing, only its the male internal secretions.

Even in todays growth in medical research, there is yet much disputation considering the results that the male and female hormones have on a persons mood. Yet I think that married pairs, will be more liable to agree with the theory, that they make. Married Men have get to the point ,where they recognize ,that theres in all likelihood going to be a few days every calendar month that the wife isnt so nice. Its almost as though the male population has accepted this as a regular happening. Yet women dont leave the men the same thoughtfulness. When our men are irritable we very seldom would still see it being hormone related.

So basically if we all had a little better reading of how the endocrine system operated it might make a huge difference in how we treat, feel and perceive others. Maybe then, we would not take the mood swings of others rather so personal. You never know, perhaps then we may not be rather so defensive, which could mean less quarrels. That would surely be advantageous to a lot of relationships, not exclusively between married pairs, but kids, family and friends as well.

Its an fascinating opinion, to imagine that we could make a much better impact on our everyday lives, just by knowing a little more about the human body.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bank Asia higher studies scholarship

As a part of corporate social responsibility, Bank Asia has given higher studies scholarships to four ~eritorio~s students of Ashulia in Savar Upazila, Dhaka on January 10 last.SM Khorshed Alam, Deputy Managing Director of the bank, handed over the scholarship money to the students. Engineer Md. Anisur Rahman, General Manager of Palli Bidyut, Savar was present as special guest. A large number of people including students, teachers, journalists, businessmen and local elite attended the function. It may be mentioned that Bank Asia gives scholarships for higher studies to the meritorious students in the rural areas, where the bank has branches. A total of 50 (fifty) students were selected for Bank Asia higher studies scholarships for the academic year 2008. Meanwhile, 44 meritorious students in Tarail (Kishoreganj), Lohagara (Chittagong), Malkhanagar (Munshiganj) and Ruhitpur (Keraniganj) were awarded this scholarship.

Online Masters Degree Education

By Gerald Greene

An online masters degree education is an addition to your education that you may want to seriously pursue, especially during hard economic times.

If you fear of losing your job due to a bad economy, or dread entering the work force after earning your college degree looking for your first job, you need to take steps to make yourself a more valuable employee. In today's unsettled job market a bachelors degree may not be enough.

The job market is becoming a challenge and really good jobs are getting harder and harder to find as well as being more difficult to hang onto. Even people with solid college educations, a great GPA, and meaningful work experience are taking lower-paying positions just to get any income at all coming in and to have an opportunity to gain work experience.

How can a new college graduate even begin to compete with seasoned veterans of the work force who also have college degrees? After you graduate from college are you concerned about finding a rewarding job and make a good career for yourself?

An online masters degree education may offer an affordable and convenient solution to your problem. The increasing number of online masters degree education programs makes this possibility more realistic to students nationwide. When you have an online masters degree education you will have an advantage over many job applicants and shouldn't have to worry about accepting a basic entry-level position with a lower salary.

Get the education that you need to get a higher-paying job, and let your online masters degree education give you the advantage you need in your job interviews. The job market may make finding that first job more difficult, and you may have to settle for less salary the first time around. But with an online masters degree education you will be better prepared to find your opportunity.

When you are proactive and find that opportunity you'll be armed with the credentials that you need to secure it - with a masters degree education and valuable experience.

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The Difference Between IELTS and TOEFL

By Amy Nutt

You have spent many hours learning English, whether for your work or school situation. Now you need to prove that you do, in fact, know the language as well as you need to for the program you are entering. How can you do this? You can prove your knowledge of the language by taking a test. Two of the most popular are the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). While these two tests have a similar goal " to show that you know English " they are different in many ways.

Difference in Intent

One difference in the two tests is in the intent. The main intent of the TOEFL is to determine whether or not the test taker can speak, read, understand, and write English well enough to attend college in an English-speaking program. The questions, reading material, and listening material are all designed on a college level.

While there is one version of the IELTS that is designed for college applicants, the Academic Version, the IELTS also comes in a General Training Version. This is used for those who are looking to head to an English-speaking country for work or immigration. Many companies who are looking to hire non-native English speakers need to know that their employees can speak and understand English, and they require a test to show this. Also, Australia and Canada require those who are immigrating to their countries to pass the test as part of their citizenship requirements.

Difference in Focus

Another difference between the two tests is the focus. The TOEFL is designed for North American speakers and hearers. The spoken portions are read by native North American speakers. The questions of form and style are based on North American English. On the other hand, the IELTS is designed to fit a variety of accents and situations. The writing styles and accents incorporated into the test are designed to mimic the accent and style of many different countries. This makes this test ideal for those who are looking to test their ability to speak and read English, but do not necessarily need to speak and read North American English.

The Structure of the IELTS

Candidates who are taking the IELTS are required to complete four modules. These are speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Once complete, the applicant will receive a band, or score, which will be displayed on the IELTS Test Report Form. The highest possible score is a 9 band score, which means the individual is completely competent in all tested areas.

The Listening and Speaking Modules are the same for both the academic and general versions of the exam, but the Reading and Writing Modules are not. The test takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete. The Listening, Reading, and Writing Modules must be completed in that order on the same day without a break. The Speaking Module can be completed within a week prior to or following the written portion of the test.

The Structure of the TOEFL

The TOEFL can be taken online or at a testing center. When taken online, the applicant has four hours to complete the Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing sections of the test. Each section has its own time limit. The paper-based test is similar in structure. However, it has a structure and written expression section rather than a speaking section. These test similar skills, just in a different format.

The Internet based version has a highest possible score of 120 and a lowest possible score of 0. The paper version is scored in a range between 310 and 577, with each section scored separately, but the writing section not included in the final score.

While the TOEFL and the IELTS have significant differences, both are good ways to judge whether or not an English speaker truly knows the language. If you are trying to decide which test to take, contact the school or company with which you are applying to see which test they prefer.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beamed Energy Propulsion: as a Field of Space Science

By Andrew V. Pakhomov

Beamed Energy Propulsion or, in brief, BEP, is a part of rocket science. However, you dont need to be a rocket scientist to get its idea, it is very simple, and I will explain it to you in the next several paragraphs.

The essence of rocket science is the principle of reactive motion. Cars on the highway are pushing pavement and move against it, swimmer pushes with his limbs (or fins) the water, and swims. Space has nothing to push from, because space is empty. So rocket pushes off its own exhaust formed by burning hydrogen with oxygen. Of course, since the space is a vacuum, everything (fuel, burner, tanks, cryogenics, combustion chamber) must be carried onboard.

With everything needed for reactive motion stuffed onboard, rockets have very little room for cargo, and this room gets very expensive. Literally, the major loads that rockets are carrying are their engines and fuel. If one could find a way to provide energy for rocket motion from outside, there will be no need to carry all that heavy parts: like oxidizer, cryogenics, tanks, lines, etc., and the gain in rocket efficiency will be enormous!

Energy can be delivered to the rocket from remote external source using light or, say, laser, x-ray, microwave high-power beams. With its mirrors, rocket will collect and focus that beams on its "fuel". Any solid matter can be a fuel. When high-power beam of photons is focused on a solid material, the material evaporates and ionizes instantaneously. The energy density in focused high-power beam exceeds hundreds to millions times one in the heat of burning hydrogen. Thus, beam-driven rocket will remain a rocket, it will be pushing from its own exhaust, but the energy of this exhaust is much higher, and the rocket itself is much lighter, comparing to hydrogen burners.

Payload, Propellant, Photons, Period! " 4P Principle introduced by Arthur Kantrowitz, the founder of modern laser propulsion, is an essence of BEP. Laser-driven rockets will consist of lightweight focusing optics (mirrors), modest amount of solid ablative propellant and the rest: the rest will be payload! No more fuel, cryogenics, tanks, oxygen, combustion chambers, etc.

Can efficiency of beam-driven rocket be compared to hydrogen burner? Yes, this can be done with scientific precision! For example, current price per lb. of a payload delivered to low earth orbit is $10,000. Calculations (repeated many time by independent researchers worldwide) show that with the laser propulsion space delivery price will be reduced to $100 per pound of a payload! It is a hundredfold profit!

The most developed today branch of BEP is called laser propulsion, it is based on energy transfer with high-power laser beams. The next in development is microwave propulsion, followed by barely explored BEP with x-rays and particles. The number of in-lab demonstrations of BEP grows every year, and the time of actual demonstration of beam-driven space rocket is getting closer. No question, there is still a lot of work ahead on development of BEP systems, but one thing is clear, they have a great future.

About the Author:

8 top Careers with an Online Information Technology Degree

By Mary Jackson

Why not have an awesome career doing something you already love? For example, do you enjoy testing the newest software products on the market? Do you like to work with computers and learn new programs? Then, you need an online IT degree. After graduation, here are some of the fantastic jobs needing talented people like you: Interface designer, Systems analyst, Database administrator, Software Support Software engineer, Computer engineer, Computer programmer,Network Administrator.

Many companies today depend on people who have technological expertise. Thus, a degree in information technology not only leads to a rewarding job, businesses will come looking for you. Each of these careers is rewarding and necessary, as more and more companies are in need of those who can use this technology to further their businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition, the majority of programmers have a degree in Computer Science or related area of expertise. So, it stands to reason that a technological degree will greatly improve your chances of finding an enjoyable and enviable career.

What will you learn through an Online Computer Degree Program?

A computer science online degree will prepare you for a career in IT, Computer Security or any of the above positions in the same way as a traditional classroom degree. But instead of having to go to class, rearrange your work schedule, or disturb other areas of your life, you can take classes online, study at your convenience and not have to worry about the added costs of parking or leaving work early to attend classes. When you take online courses, you can expect to learn any of the following and more: Hardware and software design, Software development, Troubleshooting, Networking Data Security, Database management, Web design, Develop security plans.

In truth, many companies have a department exclusive to IT professionals who understand how to maintain and secure networks. The ability to stay in communication with customers, vendors, employees and others is the difference between failure and a successful and growing business. Computer systems and companies dealing in the manufacturing industries are always on the lookout for new talent to create hardware and software for customers. In fact, the employment opportunities open to individuals with technological expertise means you can explore many different fields and pick the one you enjoy the most.

Choosing an Online Computer Degree Program

First, a career decision needs to be made. Find out which IT positions are responsible for most of the hiring. For example, the need for computer programmers seems to be on the decline since 2006. Conversely, the need for computer support and information security is increasing.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition, the need for support personnel is expected to increase 13% in the next few years. The key is to find a career likely to provide a lucrative position right out of college. A degree in Computer Science that utilizes your unique talents is best. Alternatively, a generally degree will leave the doors open to a number of computer related careers. Whatever you decide, make sure the college or university has the appropriate accreditation credentials for a quality education.

Earning an online IT degree in any of the specialized areas mentioned above will provide the opportunity to gain the expertise, in great demand, that will translate into a fulfilling and lucrative career. You chances of finding a good job right out of college are greater. In fact, potential employers may come looking for you, and offer you a place in the company immediately after graduation.

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How To Study Anatomy & Physiology Easily and Quickly

By Mike Filsman

At first peek the study of human anatomy seems to be complex and intense. It is true that it is complicated and your studies will not change that. As far as being extreme ,that can be elevated if you take your works 1 step at a time. Here are numerous steps to help you along the way.

Step 1:
Do a quick overview of the human anatomy as a whole. You will see that it is entirely made up of systems. These systems all interlink with each other as well as back one another. If one system fails the others will not be able to work.

Step 2:
Now that you visualise the connection ,that a look in general at all the several systems. Have a name of all personalized unit. When you are prepared to begin your studies you will be concentrating on each one singly. Your list now offers you with a standard study programme which is actually only a beginning guide.

Step 3:
You have always been assured when you are about to take on a project to start from the beginning. In many senses trying to understand just where the beginning of the human anatomy begins is not all that easy to determine. Most educatee find the best way is to study from the inside out. Meaning starting with the skeletal system, is in all likelihood going to be the easiest way for you to begin to understand the complexity of the body. After all if we did not have the skeletal system then the rest of our body would just be a big blot of no form.

Step 4:
Go On your studies this way learning each section at a time and mastering your knowledge in it. As you progress you will finally start associating all of the systems together and you will that it has now get natural to you to flow from one system to other.

Step five:
Once you have selected the region or system you are going to study. You need to have another list. This list will be the main parts that are contained in that system. As you go over your studies you will learn about each one of these parts which we will now refer to as the organs.

Step six:
Lets follow-up what you have in front of you as a study draft.

(a) you have your listing of body systems.

(b) you have a course of processes of where you are going to start. You have comprised a list of organs or parts found inside that system. So the following step is you now determine what do you require to know about each of the organs.

(1) you will need to acknowledge what its role is within its private system.

(2) you will need to acknowledge what that organ is made up of and how it operates.

(3) in the end you will require to know how it links in with all the other organs within the system.

So by following these elementary steps you have now freed the feelings of being drowned in your studies. You have just builded yourself a study plan that will in the end aid you to get and keep all of the knowledge you need regarding the human anatomy.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Understanding the Basics of Anatomy & Physiology

By Bob Hathman

When you first decided to learn the human anatomy there must be a reason.. Perhaps you are preparing on becoming a Doctor or Nurse, or several other type of health aid professional. In Reality some people prefer to consider it just out of individual interest. Anyways you were likely guessing that you will be reading the various systems, the organs and possibly several unwellness.

You in all likelihood did not have a great deal view to the fundamental principles. For instance, to be able to study decently, you will want to study how to separate the body into parts. I dont mean the systems. When you have to learn about how something functions, you must take apart it to see what its constructed of up. The identical goes for in human anatomy. Visual Image is going to mean everything in your studies. By acquiring how to visualise the body in sections, will help you when it comes time for the subject in the another areas. These parts are particularly essential when it comes to medical visualizing.

When you come to this segment of your learning, take a piece of clean paper, and draw it into four equal boxes. As you start with a section put a sketch , along with the selective information for that particular segment in 1 box. Immediately do the same in the next three. You will have 4 separate cubes of selective information, but when yousee the paper as a whole it is the whole human anatomy. This is an outstanding way to start educating your mind how to visualize.

You will probably then go on to study about position and direction. What this signifies is what the relationship of one organ is to another. A clean way to see this is to have the full body drawn on a piece of paper. As you learn the other positions and directions draw a box pointer on the plot recording its direction. (a box pointer is a fat arrow that you can color in).

Lets take an exercise. Reckon you are gave the terms, cranial, superior, rostra. What are these terms referring to? You in all probability got a lead from the word cranial, as it is a somewhat common term. So what these terms mean is, they refer to a structure being closer to the head, or above other structure of the body. So draw a arrow pointing up from the top of the head. Color the pointer in, (now you can pen the explanation in average writing, point form beside the pointer. Put a box round the writing and color it the identical color as the pointer.

Lets do one more. You are given the term anterior, ventral. This means that the structure is more toward the front than another structure of the body. So draw a fat pointer on the chest placing out. With a different color, fill in the arrow. Once Again in reasonable alphabetic characters write in the significant, and put a box around the writing in the comparable color as the pointer.

Carry On practicing this for each of the terms and views you will be reading. At the last you will have a concentrated study sheet.

It must be pointed that when referring to these terms it is when the body is in the regular anatomical position, which is the body standing erect, limbs extended, palms of hands facing forward.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Difference Between ESL and EFL, or TESOL

By Amy Nutt

English as a Second Language, or ESL, has many similarities to English as a Foreign Language, or EFL. In fact, the two types of learning may seem the same to some observers. However, there are some notable differences between these two approaches to learning English. The terms are often used interchangeably, but understanding the differences can help you to be clear when you speak of them. Also, the term Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is sometimes used in place of ESL or EFL, depending on the situation.

What Is ESL?

English as a Second Language, or ESL, is a term typically used in Canada, Australia, and the United States to refer to people who come to the country with another primary language and learn to speak English secondarily. It is also sometimes used to speak of people who live in a country where English is the official language, but the vast majority of the population speak another native tongue. Thus, English is the second (or third or fourth in many cases) language learned by the individual.

The goal of teaching ESL is to teach the individual to speak enough of the language to function within society. In other words, the goal is to help the individual function in their new country, attend school if applicable, and get a job. The goal is not to make the individual as fluent in English as he or she is in the native tongue.

What Is EFL?

English as a Foreign Language, or EFL, refers to learning English in a country where English is not the spoken language. This is in contrast to ESL, where the individual is learning the language in a country that has English as its primary language. In many countries, EFL is taught in the public school system, as English is quickly becoming an internationally important language. Sometimes the term EFL can be used to describe the learning of English in an English-speaking country when just visiting for a short period of time with the intention of learning the language.

Most people who learn EFL do so in order to graduate from their school program. Some will learn the language in their home country in order to help them succeed in their line of work if they are working for a company that has an international scope. For instance, someone living in India who learns English in order to work at a call center could be described as learning EFL.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Sometimes the term Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is used to describe both ESL and EFL. It is used in England, for instance, to replace the term ESL, as this term assumes English is the second, not third or fourth, language of the student. It is typically used when teaching immigrants, usually adults, as other terms are used within the school system when teaching non-native English speaking students. In the United States, however, the term TESOL has become an umbrella term used by people who teach non-native English speakers, regardless of whether they are teaching ESL or EFL.

As more and more people are immigrating to English-speaking countries and English continues to become the language of international commerce and trade, the need for both ESL and EFL programs that do a good job of teaching English to non-native speakers will continue to increase. The Internet is making it even easier for people to learn English as an additional language. The demand for these programs is not likely to decrease any time in the near future, so teachers who can teach English to speakers of other languages are going to have job security for many years.

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Academic Summer Camps Increase Student Achievement

By Courtney Pollock

As a parent you have endless options when it comes to choosing a summer camp for your son or daughter. You can base your choice on a number of variables including date, location, price, or activities available, but why not take an opportunity to enable your kids to have fun and learn at the same time this summer? An academic summer camp is a great place for kids and teens to have fun while improving their learning and life skills in preparation for the school year ahead, whether it be middle school, high school, or even college. Some camps teach specific courses, such as science or math, while others provide broad-based learning skills for improvement in any subject.

If you want to see improved grades and increased student achievement in your son or daughter, one of the best things you can do is enroll them in a learning skills summer camp, which can benefit a student by:

- Increasing their reading speed and comprehension

- Helping them add creativity, power and meaning to their writing

- Learning memory techniques that will help them memorize dates for history and vocabulary

- Preparing for the SAT, ACT or PSAT

- Showing them study techniques to help them prepare more effectively for tests

Academic summer camps also help students learn how to think critically, solve problems and set goals in ways that work for their natural style. They can also learn how to take this style and make it more effective in the classroom. Most academic summer camps are geared towards specific age groups and grades, with the focus on middle school and high school.

There are several different summer camps that offer academic and life skills programs and its important to choose the one that most benefits your teen. The best way to do this is to discover the skills in which he or she has trouble with, research online the various academic summer camps available, and then enroll him or her in the summer camp that best fits those needs. For example, if your student is getting below average grades in English class, look at camps that improve reading and writing skills. If your high school student is preparing to take the ACT or SAT, it would benefit them to attend a summer camp that offers college test preparation.

Attending an academic summer camp is a great way to get your teen excited about learning as well as help them to explore new interests. Because of the safe and fun environment, it will not feel like summer school, which will increase their desire to participate and gain new learning and life skills.

Your student does not have to be failing in school in order to attend an academic summer camp. Even if your son or daughter is a straight-A student, an academic summer camp can teach them important life skills such as leadership and communication. One academic summer camp, SuperCamp, teaches life skills as well as learning skills, integrating them into fun activities that engage students and help them break out of their comfort zone. Many students with a 4.0 GPA get a lot out of SuperCamp because they gain social skills, confidence, and new friends, in addition to polishing their already solid learning skills.

No matter what level your student is at when he or she enters an academic summer camp, they will come out better prepared to take on the challenges of school and life. When you want to send your child to summer camp as well as positively impact their student achievement over the summer, then consider enrolling him or her in an academic summer camp to get the best of both worlds.

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