Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dating an Older Woman

By Nessar Hellartinno

There are many people involved with older or younger people than themselves. Most of the time if you are dating someone 5 years older and up then you are considered to be dating someone much older than yourself. These kind of relationships have been going on since the very beginning. It is very common to see a younger woman with an older man, noone is surprised by that. Most of the time, having a younger woman is considered to be a trophy for an older man, and most men like to be recognized for their accomplishments.

Younger wives or girlfriends are often considered as trophies by their peers. If they are a big time businessman, it really helps with their stamina and self security. It is assumed that they (the older person) must have a lot of stamina to "keep up" with their younger partner. There may also be a sense that the younger person will stay with the older person longer and help take care of them in their older years.

Something that most have not heard of as late is older women dating younger women. This has become a big trend of late and is rapidly going up. These females are often called cougars for their activities. Men are often attracted to older women because they are basically "lower maintance" than their younger female counterparts. They have a lot more going on in their lives, they have learned from their mistakes that the younger generation are just now making. They also know what they want and how they are going to get it.

Older women usually know exactly what they want and how to get it as mentioned before. They are financially successful and have learn from all the mistakes they have made in their younger years. They work out and are health conscious. They are over the partying, being wild, stage of their life and are now much more responsible. They know how to make it in the real world and have the tools to help them get through it.

Not everything is perfect in these May to December relationships. They have problems similiar to everyone's else but some of the problems are a little different. For example, there may be such a generational gap that they cannot overcome it. They may be limited on what they talk about and the things they do. What if the younger person wants to bicycle but the cougar wants to have no part of it? There could be some physical reasons why she would not want to do that. Cheating is also common in May to December relationships, it is not surprising considering the differences that are there.

People that are in these kinds of relationships often are victims of the other person cheating. This may be because of the generational differences, it may also be because the other person just does not understand them or there is no physical connection any longer. The statistics on these kind of relationships are sketchy at best, but infedelity does happen and it is thought to happen at a much higher rate. If you suspect cheating, do your homework and get to the bottom of it. If you find a number in their pocket or a name in their briefcase, use one of the many people and telephone number lookup sites on the internet to do some research on your partner. You could also do some research before you start your relationship. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

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