Monday, April 13, 2009

Distance Education- The World is Your Oyster

By Robin Brown
Distance education might have been developed back in the 1700s, when messenger services brought weekly assignments to scholars in a small section of Boston, but it certainly has grown and changed since then. With the development of the Postal Service in the 19th century, Victorian scholars were able to complete their college educations in as little as six to ten years, which was a great improvement. Then, planes came along and the process became even faster.
Today we do it in real time! Distance education like many other disciplines has come into its own with the advancement of the internet and computers. With the lightning speed of the internet and the well heeled platform of Web 2.0 attending an online university has come a long way since the 1700's or even the 19th century. Forget 6-10 years or even 4-5 years, you can pretty much get your degree anytime you want.

The flexibility of online courses has put you in the driver's seat. You can work as hard as you want or take your time depending on your situation but one thing remains true, you can get a quality education and achieve a higher degree that is just as marketable from an online college as a traditional one.

Your career opportunities can open up immensely because of a distance education. When you receive an associates, bachelors, graduate or even doctorate degree from an online college you show that you are committed to your discipline. In today's economy you need every tool you can get to get a good job and advance your career and an online education is the perfect way to do it.

Online degree programs and distance education have limitless possibilities, and you don't have to worry about moving or commuting to a traditional campus. You can do everything right from your computer, either from home or from wherever you want to learn. Plus, the programs online will be much less expensive than a traditional college education.

Online education itself may not be new but because of the internet it is certainly different than it was in the past and more popular as well. More and more people are taking advantage of all then opportunities distance education offers for career advancement. It's perfect for just about anyone in any situation because of its convenience and low cost. And, you can start your degree right now.

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