Thursday, April 9, 2009

Your Ultimate Self Improvement Guide

By Irene Mmari

There are many assorted books and courses that may help you get a hold of some self improvement guides and these sources can work against the negative factors in your daily life. This guide will extend to you the best methods to get rid of these factors for good or at the very least, reduce them.

There are lots of things that people must do every single day and most of the time, things like family, friends and many times, even ourselves frequently come last. At times we find out too late that these are in fact the greatest assets we have and sadly, at times that we don't realize it at all so we then begin to wonder why we are so unhappy. And so we are charged with the responsibility to never give in to stressful situations and to go fighting for true happiness in being alive.

Let us not forget also that bad time management can result in health issues both at the physical and mental level. But there is good news - time may be controlled and we can make it, in a certain manner, answer to us The first step in implementing this process is to find the things that take up your time and for the most part they are divided into two groups:

The extrinsic factors - These are generally caused by events and problems that we have no influence over but still need to be attended too.

The intimate components - These are strictly related to our weaknesses which include priorities and targets that can change, and the lack of a daily working plan and self imposed deadlines, the tendency to take care of too many things at the same time and the inability to say no.

By now you've probably recalled situations like this have arisen but all you have to do is to find a way to defeat and eliminate them, so that you can be in charge your time. Here are three possible ways in which you can do that:

Get accustomed to penning anything down -This is helpful and really if you have a bad memory. If not, there's a possibility you could forget to make that important meeting to make important phone calls, to answer messages that your promised to return. You can also make note of good ideas and inspirations that occur to you at unusual times.

List everything that's important - It takes a small amount of time to draw it and you can even do it as you have your coffee in the morning. Write the things that need done in the day in the order of importance.

Learn to speak up - A huge mistake that a lot of us make is that we put other people's problems as more important than our own. But by helping them at a bad time in our lives we creating an opening for frustration as well as stress and we find that we can't finish anything we start.

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