Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Learning Techniques Turn Bad Study Skills into Good Ones

By Courtney Pollock

Often students have bad study skills. While there are many reasons for this lack in knowing how to negotiate learning, one of the key reasons can be failure they've had and their perspective about it. People experience failure routinely, yet whether small or large, most adults can move past disappointment and go forward. This is not always true of students. Failure in school can hinder their progress and can obscure even the best study skills put before them. Failure can present a hindrance to learning and can cause even the best students to adopt bad study skills or none at all. Adolescents and older teens might not realize that people often have to fail to succeed, and that information gained in failing will give them the tools to go forward.

One of the things that failure can bring is the determination to improve. If students can understand this they will be open to receiving new learning techniques. Comprehending that they learn best when they know how they learn, young people can get past the disappointment of failure. Discovering how our brain intakes information depends on three key learning techniques. Deciding what is our best learning style is the first one. Finding whether our focus is external or internal comes next. Knowing the exact areas where we are already smart is the final thing to determine.

Understanding our specific learning styles, focus, and smart areas isn't easy. Summer camps for kids and teens highlight academics and can help by showing students how to chart what kind of learner they are and how to use that knowledge to improve their study skills. When students get specific help, it is easier to guide them into an accurate view of their individual personal learning styles. Learning styles differ from person to person. Visual learners gain information by seeing things. Auditory learners process information by hearing. Moving or touching things indicates a kinesthetic learner.

After they identify how they are learning, students need to understand personal focus. It's important for teens to know in what situation they will focus the best. An easy test is to ask them whether they learn better with others around them or alone. Learning techniques, such as these, are multifaceted and usually are only made clear when a student can concentrate on this information without distraction. This can happen in summertime at academic camps, which provide a concentrated course that produces multiple changes in a teen's confidence, study skills, and learning ability.

The list of learning techniques is not complete until students grasp the fact that all of them are smart, but display it in their own individual way. How people display they are smart can actually be measured in eight separate ways. Spatial intelligence can be found in those who are good at putting puzzles together. Linguistically smart people are those who are good at story telling and jokes. Empathy toward other people's opinions and feelings displays an aptitude for interpersonal skills. Musical intelligence can be measured if a person plays a musical instrument. People who look for patterns in the stars are nature smart. Bodily smart means a person is a good actor, mimicker, and role-player. Those who are gifted in the intrapersonal area spend time alone thinking things through. Finally, mathematically talented people figure out the reasons for things.

Because kids and teens often recoil after a failure, it is difficult to get them to want to focus on their studies and to understand they can be successful. When students are empowered by different learning techniques, they are enabled to go forward. Their study skills are sharpened and that's when a change takes place - often the change both they and their parents were hoping would happen.

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